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Drive the process of the regeneration. Drive a change!


The brief for the Service Design process, which ten young designers and professionals have been working with during the last two months, focused on building a sustainable community around the eastern Palace's wing. The challenging question was how we might organise a community in a place that is not ready to be used? Our answer was crowdfunding. 


Participatory design, using the knowledge and opinions of potential users, was an extremely important, if not the most important element of the work of both groups. By using this method, the teams rejected service ideas with little chance of success and focused on those that met the needs of both users and the Palace. Sometimes, as in this case, starting from scratch is not wasting but saving time.


So what are the results of the program? At the center of solutions of both groups stands the same value - community. By building it we are also building the Palace. 


The solution proposition of the first group is the "Social Café Ambassadors Package". These are different types of packages aimed at everyone - young and old, individuals and companies, people from Siemianowice, and beyond.

Depending on the package, it includes discounts of different amounts on Palace services - coffee, food, and brewery. Its main content is a package of vouchers allowing entry to various classes held in the A-wing and space for corporate events. As well as being more cost-effective for clients, this model allows and encourages them to take advantage of the wide range of activities we offer.

In addition, material gifts with the palace logo (linen bag, etc.) are included. Workshops to which admission is granted by the package will be held periodically after the end of the crowdfunding. This model allows us to raise the funds needed to equip the wing and to measure potential interest.




The solution of the second group focuses on creating synergy between the local community and entrepreneurs. The group's design question was: how can we involve entrepreneurs and the local community in the co-creation of the palace? As part of the design process, the group did an in-depth study of both potential user groups, the space itself, etc. They tested their ideas with representatives of the target groups and included the observations and lessons learned from these experiences in the solution.

The result of this work is the "Patron's Card of the Palace of Inspiration" - loyalty cards for entrepreneurs and the local community. In principle, each group will receive different benefits. As part of the card, entrepreneurs will be able to use co-working spaces, conference rooms, and events for employees. In addition, they will have the opportunity to organize their events, business meetings, and consultations with experts there.

In the case of a local community, the card will allow the holder to participate in cultural and educational events, use the cafe, and organize their own events, ex. birthday parties. 

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Both of these ideas will benefit the Palace, the local community as well as entrepreneurs involved. But what about the young designers? What’s the value of the project for them personally? Here we’re giving a voice to them: 

For us as young designers, it was an invaluable help. Not only did

we gain knowledge, but we also got to know what the design process is like first-hand. For many of us, this experience has been a great help in setting our future paths and goals. The mentors inspired us and their words gave us encouragement in our first steps towards becoming good designers.

We got to know each other and experienced everything as one harmonious team. May this not be our last chance to work together!

The 4th edition of CYPE can be confidently called a success. Young designers did not only create solutions answering the needs of the local community and the Palace. They also created a community of their own. 

If you want to learn more about our solutions please check below links with presentations of both groups.