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Where the story begin

Co-Design Your Place, originally named and known as Co-design your P(a)lace, was raised from the connectedness between young people, who deeply believed that their knowledge, talents, skills and interdisciplinary collaboration, can change something in the world. The beginning of this idea reached 2017 when the initial group met for the first time in student accommodation in London. This memorable meeting led us to many fundamental questions, among other "what can we do together?" and "what if we could focus our energy on placemaking?".

The place was an essential background of the discussion, mainly because The Stable Foundation was founded to support the Palace-Park Complex regeneration project in Siemianowice Slaskie in Poland. When our Founder, Anna, showed pictures of the degraded, 17th-century palace, we knew that it would have been a great revitalisation challenge. Most of our fellows were activists, young professionals or students of design courses. As an interdisciplinary team with clarifying purpose, we were ready to work in a real environment, and we had a passion and a place willing to work with. Altogether, we accumulate the power to bring a new life to a meaningful, historical space in the heart of the Silesia region.

That was the beginning of the fantastic collaboration between The Stable Foundation, UAL: London College of Communication and Station - Student Innovation House from Copenhagen. This time has given us an excellent opportunity to experiment, peer learning, cross-cultural exchange, practice service design methodology and create a positive impact during the last three years.

From the small idea developed in the student dormitory, we evolve into a multifaceted educational program to engage young people in the regeneration process. Our goal was to invite youths to collaborative actions around design and implement micro changes to build a new quality of social engagement and services. The results exceeded our expectations:) A bit of Co-design spirit you can feel in the gallery.

If you want to find out more about Co-design Your Place program join us during our summit, 5-6 February 2021.

For more information and to register, visit: www.summit.codesignyourplace.eu.

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