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First on-line Co-Design seminar

16th of May we organised the first Co-Design Seminar on such a scale! The group of Changemakers from groups from Poland, Denmark, and the UK participated in the digital meeting. We e-met to talk about the times of uncertainty and constant change. Firstly, we had a lecture with a fantastic guest from Norway. Secondly, interesting workshop organised and led by @Martyna Bielak, Agata Magdalena Nowak, Katarzyna Drożdżal and @Paweł Nowak.

Everything was organised thanks to our creativity, knowledge and technology! We used MIRO (https://miro.com/), which we recommend for remote collaboration and the platform shared by our UK Partner UAL: University of the Arts London - London College of Communication.

During three exciting hours were talking about:

- What can we do for our local communities, in this global pandemic context? - How we can self manage COVID panic? - What kind of design tools can we use in this unique situation? - How can we improve the solutions which we created in November during the design session in Poland?

Thank you to all students, lecturer, organisers and Partners. We hope that you had a good time, fun, and you will be able to use all this knowledge and experience soon.

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