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Co-design Your Place. How to use Service Design in regeneration?

We are very proud to announce that our primary intellectual outcome from the project Co-design Your Place is ready to read and use!

The handbook & toolkit titled "Co-design Your Place. How to use Service Design in regeneration?" is a rich source of knowledge, methods, and tools referring to regeneration challenges and communities' needs.

You will find there our recommendation for youth engagement in regeneration processes with a set of tools that we used during our program. We would like to highlight the ways to accomplish this challenge can be many, and our suggestions can be one of them.

More information about the Co-Design Your Place program you can find in chapter one. If you would like to learn about our “TO MULTIPLY” model and toolkit, go directly to chapter two. In chapter three, you can read articles linked to the questions: How can youth be included in the regeneration process? How can speculative design be used in the regeneration process? How can a sustainable business model for regeneration be designed? In chapter four you can find interesting case studies from all around Europe prepared by our students.

To download the handbook & toolkit just go to the main page www.codesignyourplace.eu and fill the short form.

Ebook is also available to read here!

Happy reading!

If you would like to share your feedback with us send us a message via Facebook, Instagram or email info@codesignyourplace.eu.

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